Sweet Elephant Ears

sweetelephantearsSweet Elephant Ears

Sweet Elephant ears are large bits of dough that has been pulled  thin and then fried.  They can be dished up hot and also coated either in sugar-cinnamon or strawberry jam – sugar-cinnamon is usually my very first preference!  And they are very easy to create with simply 4 ingredients!

Sweet Elephant Ears Ingredients

1 tube of Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layer Biscuits
Cinnamon-Sugar Mix – I usually have a container inside the kitchen cabinet and so I do not have an actual recipe – this kind of actually is determined by you therefore combine a bit of sugar along with cinnamon till you like it) – you’ll want around a cup
Olive or Coconut Oil used  for frying

Sweet Elephant Ears Instructions
Using a frying pan, pour the olive or coconut oil in around 1 ½ in . high and switch the burner onto medium heat.
By using the layers, separate the biscuits in two so you’ve got Sixteen thinner biscuits

Stretch everyone of the  biscuits as thin as they will go with out ripping and very carefully put it in to the heated oil.

Depending upon how large your fry pan is you may place several biscuits in at the same time however avoid over-crowding the fry pan.

As soon as the biscuits are a golden-brown on the bottom-side, flip them over and then fry the opposite side (I made use of 2 forks to assist flipping the biscuit with out splattering).

As soon as the biscuits are finished on both sides, very carefully put them onto a clean paper towel and then blot the surplus oil.

Cover either side using sugar-cinnamon and then serve up warm


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